Our goals and tasks

The main goal of establishing the new division was to create an economic and effective branch of facility management, on the basis of the available professional expertise having been gained, and with our experienced staff, which can offer competitive services on the Facility Management market.

The task of the branch involves the complex operation of real estates, and the entire facility management which includes all the fields of using buildings: providing all the services of maintenance and upkeep in connection with the constructed facilities, and the required caretaker services. The task also involves financial management and letting out the facilities, without regard to their function.

The profile of KÉSZ Real Estate Ltd.

  • complex operation of real estates
  • entire facility management, which involves:
    • all the fields of work required for operating buildings;
    • providing all the services of operation, upkeep, cleaning and maintenance required for using buildings;
    • letting out facilities, and their financial management.
The most significant advantage of our activity is that a customer only has to be in contact with one partner to have all the tasks of facility management done. The staff of our central office is composed of experts with higher education who have many years’ experiences in the field of operation.

Our field of activity includes all the services required for the operation, upkeep and maintenance of facilities; the co-ordination and performance of such services, or having them performed.
The fields of activity are the following:
  • technical operation;
  • performing caretakers’ jobs;
  • operation of public utilities;
  • performing the tasks of energy supply;
  • IT operation, having an independent Monitoring System to control the activities of operation;
  • services of real estate utilisation;
  • guarding&protection;
  • cleaning.

Social investments

KÉSZ has longstanding  traditions in the field of Social investments. In order to maintain the appropriate professional labour supply KÉSZ Real Estate Ltd. gives financial support for USUS OPTIMUS Vocational Training Organization Company and Észak Hajdúság Regional Development Agency.
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