Strategy development at KÉSZ Group

2014. 07. 23.

In 2014 the management and colleagues of KÉSZ Group determined the mission and vision of KÉSZ Group, in which the determinant construction company group in Hungary takes long-term responsibility for the society, the industry and the environment.

Vision statement of KÉSZ Group

With its knowledge as a market leader in Hungary and a determinant company group in Europe and its extensive experience, the vision of KÉSZ Group is to represent the national values, to develop the domestic economy and society with its innovative activity and to achieve a better environment with its work.
Vision and success of KÉSZ is built on reliable, open and transparent communication and the responsible, value-based and motivated community.

Mission statement of KÉSZ Group

Throughout our history of several decades, we have demonstrated our commitment to the continuous development of our environment, partners, colleagues and our company group. As a determinant market player we intend to ensure the sustainable, profitable and intergenerational operation of our group and economic unit.
We think that the most important value to be built on is the knowledge acquired in the 30 years of our company’s history and the committed and responsible person possessing this knowledge.
In the future we will implement all of our tasks based on this knowledge, since this will encourage us to create a better society and environment.
KÉSZ Mester Udvarház, Budapest
KÉSZ Industrial Park, Kecskemét
Kinnarps Office building, Budapest
Tiszalök penal facility of law enforcement
Kiskunfélegyháza town Sports Hall