Operating the public utilities

The operation of the public utilities, which means general supervision, provides that a building can be used properly, and during this work it is very important to be fast and effective.
We make the cleaning of buildings and their neighbourhood, and provide continuous entrance services. We operate the systems of guarding, admission and night watch, and use our own staff (KÉSZ Biztonsági Kft.) for the tasks of guarding and safety. We make proposals regarding the performance of renewal for the buildings, and other methods to save costs.
When needed, we also make schedules of energy use for real estates, break down its costs according to groups of users in different parts of the buildings, and check contracts of energy supply. We also check eventual complaints in connection with invoices.
In conformity with the requirements of customers we make a list of rooms in a given building, on the basis of which the registry of means and utensils can always be kept up-to-date.

General supervision

Owners’ representation:
  • energy management (handling invoices of energy, energy counselling)

Winter services:
  • preparations for the season, removing snow
  • cleaning the outside façade
  • cleaning
  • issues of building hygiene: daily and overall cleaning
  • co-ordination for and making reconstructions and inner conversions: moving

Guarding, reception and entrance services:
  • elaborating and introducing entrance rules
  • warehousing, keeping archives
  • gardening, landscaping
  • actual registry of means and instruments
  • destruction of insects
  • waste treatment
  • operating multi-storey car-parks
  • buffet and catering

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