Technical operation

Our technical activity includes the following elements: regular checking the support structures of the building; maintenance for the inside and outside doors and windows, walls, floor covers, lifts, escalators and automatic doors; supervision and maintenance for the electric and engineering systems of the building - equipment of central heating, cooling, ventilation, low and high voltage systems. Apart from the above work and activities, we also provide specific services to check, to maintain and preserve the technical condition of systems and pieces of equipment which are parts of the building.

  • temperature control: heating/cooling, technology of temperature control
  • checking moisture content: air-conditioning
  • ventilation: technology for air control
  • cleaning, maintenance and operation of water, gas and sewage lines
  • maintenance for high-voltage systems: periodical checks of insulation safety, checking protection against lightning, operating the network
  • supervision for low-voltage systems: systems of entrance control, safety, observation, telephones and other very low-voltage signalling systems, computer network
Fire safety:
  • checking the systems and equipment of fire alarm and extinguishing
  • making and teaching the rules of fire safety
Repair and maintenance of the building, fixing faults:
  • doors and windows, pieces of furniture and functional equipment
  • lifts, escalators
  • gas leakage detectors, uninterruptible power supply, fixtures to cast shade
  • round-the-clock repair and maintenance services, (call-centre to report faults)
  • technicians on duty, troubleshooting
  • services on demand, supervision, maintenance
  • regular checks
  • guaranteed availability all year round
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